Refund Policy

The following terms/definitions apply in regards to the NWC Refund Policy:

1.      "Registration fees" =  the full 1year registration fee as outlined in the club pricing guide
2.       "Non-voluntary Departure" = departure from club where player moves residence (out of local region) and can no longer reasonably participate or for season ending injuries or medical conditions.
3.      "Voluntary Departure" = any departure from club for reasons other than specified in "Non-Voluntary Departure"
Refunds for "Voluntary Departure" cases will only be made prior to the first game of the season (for Junior teams) or prior to the first winter training session or tournament (for Senior teams), whichever comes first.  The refund only applies if the player is officially dropped from the roster.  In these cases, the refund will be approx. 60% of the registration fees (essentially the 1st payment is not refundable).
Refunds for "Non-Voluntary Departure" cases will be on a prorated basis and only provided the player is officially dropped from the roster as follows:
            Before the first game -                                Approx. 90% of registration fees
            Before the 3rd game Fall season -                Approx. 80% of registration fees
            Fall: Before Columbus Day Tournament -      Approx. 50% of registration fees
            Before midpoint of winter training -              Approx. 35% of registration fees
            Before 1st game Spring Season -                 Approx. 20% of registration fees