Player Safety


Soccer is a contact sport, and various injuries may occur, including concussions.  Nashua World Cup utilizes professional soccer trainers as well as licensed volunteers, and expects that those persons ensure the safety of every player particularly regarding concussions.  US Youth Soccer and the CDC recently deployed an on-line educational training tool called "Heads Up" to address this important topic, which can be accessed via the following link.

Heads Up

Additionally, baseline testing of your player is available locally for a small fee.  For more details go to the following link.

Concussion Baseline Testing

Lastly, there continues to be ongoing debate over the efficacy of protective headgear for soccer players.  Although head gear manufacturers make claims of prevention, there's very limited data to support it.  Therefore at this time, the use of protective headgear is not required, and is a personal decision for individual players and families.  Here are just a couple related links to this topic.

Protective Headgear Overview

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